Composite White Filler (Dental filling with laser)
Porcelain Fillings (Inlay & Onley Fillings)
Composite Fillings

Today, amalgam fillers have replaced based fillings. Amalgam deficiency was recognized nowadays. Moreover, these composite fillings, which are more aesthetic and less damaging to the oral tissue, are now commonly used by dentists.

Estetik Diş doldurma

Composite fillings are used for aesthetic purposes. We can close the teeth  backlash easily with this. It also has the advantage of showing teeths long. This filling type, which has been known for many years, was used only for anterior teeth.

However, due to the increase in abrasion quality and high pressure resistance of the material, it can now be easily used in the rear teeth. Therefore, it is often preferred by dentists.

Composite fillings can be applied with a suitable shade of tooth color. Therefore, it provides a great advantage over amalgam. The process takes half an hour. Composite filling can be applied to more than one tooth on the same day.

In the composite filling, the material hardens with a light source. This means that any existing bruises are cleared before starting the procedure. The area to be filled is determined. When the material is applied, the tooth is frozen by laser. The desired shape can be given easily. In addition, after the laser filling process is finished, the polishing process produces a natural result as if it were your own tooth.

How Many Years of Composite Fill is Used?

Composite fillings can be used as close to amalgam fillings as an average of 5-6 years. It may need to be renewed after this time. If a person who doesn't take good care of his teeth and makes a process that forces the tooth with the teeth such as breaking nuts, eating nails and breaking ice, the life of the composite filling may decrease. In addition, a patient who does not care about dental care may slightly yellow the fill.

Porcelain Fillings (Inlay & Onley Fillings)

Porcelain filling; instead of covering the female pole with porcelain, the application is done as much as the missing part. The tooth is cleaned in the first place. The decay is opened and the part to be completed is measured. These porcelain fillings prepared in laboratory environment are adhered to teeth with special adhesives. They are long-lasting.

It is generally preferred in patients with high tooth loss. Porcelain filling prices will vary according to the size of the filling and the number of teeth to be made. They are long-lasting.