Mesoterapy was discovered in 1952. The drug to be administered can be injected into the skin in large numbers and in small amounts with a very slim needle. It is used in some cases such as cellulite, rejuvenation, hair loss. Mesoterapy contains a variety of blends and cocktails(medicine mixture). There are some important transactions such as dermatologist first assessing, investigating other diseases and,if necessary, choosing of appropriate drug at regular intervals.



Mesotherapy, literally, is a kind of treatment applied directly on the middle layer of the skin. The goal is to be effective by injecting a smaller amount of active ingredient into the area to be treated. This method is used on the face, scalp and body.

Turkey Hair Implanter, in hair mesotherapy, inject special serums which contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the hair needs into the middle layer of the skin where the hair root is located.

Facial Mesotherapy
Aging is a natural result of life. Structural genetic and environmental factors also affect the duration of aging in living conditions. Wrinkle is the most prominent indicator of skin aging. Wrinkles are more or less noticeable depending on their condition and depth

Mesolift (mesolifiting), as the word "skin lift" means. In mesoteraphy, our experts tried to fight against these wrinkles. Mesolift wrinkle treatment can be examined under two headings.

1. Anti-aging applications
2. Applications that involve the elimination or reduction of wrinkles that occur during the aging process with many different applications

The application of anti-aging minerals, vitamins and some structural elements through mesotherapy to our face, which is the most prominent area of ​​aging, rather than systemic administration, will both increase the effectiveness of the drugs applied in the essential area and prevent unnecessary fatigue of other organs. Although the frequency of the sessions changes from person to person, it is generally organized as 3 or 4 sessions in the first month, 1 session in 15 days in the second and third months, and 1 session in the fourth month.When the number of sessions increases, the effects getting permanent. Botox is a very adequate supportive treatment for filling and chemical peeling applications and can be used together.

Cellulite and Mesotherapy

Cellulite, which is the problem of almost 80% of women in our country, can occur in the hips, legs, abdomen, even arms and knees. Patients have already found a way to get rid of them quickly and painlessly even doctors discuss what causes this orange peel appearance, and those with
The reason for the formation of cellulite is the hormone estrogen. Since estrogen is a hormone specific to women, it would not be wrong to call cellulite a disease specific to women. Estrogen increases insulin by providing storage of fat and sugar in the body. This hormone reaches its peak, especially during the period of the puberty, pregnancy and birth control pills. The hips, abdomen, lower and upper leg regions of the female body are convenient for fat storage. Cellulite occurs when fat cells under the skin store overmuch fat. The puffy cells create outward protrusion. So, as a result, the skin becomes indented.

The Most Effective Method Against Cellulite; Mesotherapy

European doctors see cellulite as a medical problem that needs to be treated with a more serious approach. The treatment method is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy means "moderate skin treatment". After the needles have been dipped under certain angles, nerve endings are activated and a vascular opening reaction occurs. Thanks to this method, oral medications that used to be injected directly into the diseased area. Therefore, even in small doses, more effective treatment can be provided.


Painless Anesthesia

In hair transplantation, local anesthesia is applied to these areas before the hair follicles are removed from the donor area and the areas where the hair follicles are transplanted. Local anesthesia with injector injections takes time for the active substance to numb the body. The patient's pain during needle pricking can naturally lead to breakdown of comfort.

By using special anesthesia devices, hair transplantation can be performed without needles and painless. These special devices deliver the anesthetics under the skin with a pressure spray. The time of onset of subcutaneous anesthesia with a needle-free injector is faster than that of a needle injection, so it is much more comfortable.